Advertising by Fly – Believe it!

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I could not help but list this YouTube clip, thanks to @RobStokes

Hey, it is environmentally friendly!


Scary Reunion – Christian the Lion

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Enough said….


Heart warming trully inspiring example of human “being”

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Saw this post on Twitter Prodigy’s blog and absolutely have to help distribute these kind of vibes. Father-son relationship that was doomed from the beginning but bloomed into something beautiful. If only more people had this type of attitude…..

I can only imagine.


CRMtutor is online!

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Although I consider myself an absolute newbie in the blogosphere, I can say that I find blogging (and web interaction in general) very satisfying.

So much so, that another blog is on the rise. Why have two blogs you ask? Well, something I learnt very early in my online experience is that your content should be focused something specific. While this blog (FB’s thoughts…)  focusses on whatever might interest me (mind body or soul), I do not want to force information on people not looking for it. Hence, !

CRMtutor is about everything CRM. A free source of valuable, relevant, essential and interesting information relating to CRM (Customer Relationship Management) as a way of life, a company strategy, business division, IT Based Software packages. An area for anyone wanting to know about or how to “CRM”. It is aimed at a very wide spectrum of individuals: from anyone with very little Internet experience with only basic knowledge , containing tips,  tricks and explanations, while it also contains economic- , industry-  and product related information and reviews for advanced CRM users. Various (guest) contributors will ensure that the content is of high and balanced quality. As the site grow in popularity additional features will be included.

See you there!

Bing (aka live search)

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So Microsoft has finally done away with Live Search – (Yeah!) and launched their new “decision engine” called Bing. Check it out for yourself. It is still quite young, but the potential is pretty exciting. Here, you can see one of the adverts MS are using to create awareness around Bing (in competition with Google). Enjoy….

Art: Wall-painted animation

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Public walls painted in Buenos Aires by the Black Heart Gang, stop motion style.

Absolutely incredible artwork! time and endurance required.

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

Alice in Wonderland by Burton … coming in 2010

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Releasing 5 March 2010! That’s right (in the US at least) with director, Tim Burton, and actor, Johnny Depp, are sure to add their own unique style and flavour to this already fantastical world renowned tale.

 Lewis Carol (pseudonym used by English writer Charles Lutwidge Dodgson) wrote Alice in Wonderland in 1865, 3yrs after returning from a boat trip on the River Thames with three little girls and a Reverend. The eldest girl, Alice Lidell, requested a story for her and her two sisters. And this is how Alice came into existence. If that is not enough detail for you, feel free to start your own “Alice Analysis“. *Let me know if you find anything worth updating this article with!

I am looking forward to the marketing campaigns and hype created around this popular book, not to mention the movie. Is it too soon to start speculating about a sequel: “Through the Looking-glass”?

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